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The American Mind

Dec 24, 2021

It’s the end of a long and frankly, a surreal year. After one hundred episodes of the Round Table, our editors look back on a cascade of demoralizing events and articles to ask: is there cause for optimism? Through all the inflation, the gender madness, and the school board wars, one theme emerges—the ruling class...

Dec 17, 2021

America’s economy continues to crumble, but don’t worry! the ruling class is here to fix everything by spending trillions of dollars we don’t have. Inflation is only the newest symptom of their long train of abuses. COVID politics roll endlessly on as the US fights its cold civil war online and off.

Dec 10, 2021

California is making noise about becoming a “sanctuary state” for abortions. Everything that hurts Democrats is “voter suppression.” And Ron DeSantis wants 200 people to help him with vaccinations and natural disasters, which is insurrection or tyranny or something. Our editors spend some time in bizarro...

Dec 3, 2021

Populist and nationalist Éric Zemmour has announced his candidacy for president of France with a stirring anti-woke speech reminiscent of Charles de Gaulle’s speech from exile in WWII. Meanwhile, on the home front, Fauci has declared that he is the science. Plus: a murder in Beverly Hills shows the alarming...