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The American Mind

Sep 24, 2021

This week, the editors convene with heavy hearts to reminisce about the life and work of Claremont Senior Fellow Angelo Codevilla. The group recall entertaining stories about Codevilla's life and return to some of his many enduring books and essays. Rest in peace, Dr. Codevilla.

Sep 17, 2021

Last week the Biden administration unveiled its ghastly plan to effectively force vaccines into people’s arms unless they’re willing to risk unemployment. Meanwhile, other elites like George W. Bush mouth the platitudes of the uniparty establishment. Plus: Gavin Newsom clings to power in California—and no points...

Sep 13, 2021

In this edition of The Stakes, Michael Anton, lecturer in politics and research fellow at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center, and a Claremont senior fellow, is joined by Matt Peterson, founding editor of The American MindThe two discuss the massive and widening rift between California and Texas, both as individual...

Sep 9, 2021

After a week off due to technical issues, the editors are back in the saddle. The woke Left is becoming ever more open about the religious nature of its commitment to abortion—they even sought out an oddly fitting alliance with the literal Satanic Temple. From Texas’s new abortion law to George Floyd murals in...